Polosys R-POS
Elevate your customer’s dining experience with Polosy R-POS
Polosys R-POS is an advanced point of sales software for restaurants, coffee shops, fast food counters, Cafeteria and other Hotel outlets. It makes the whole process a lot easier from accessing the menu, placing orders, on time service and billing

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Polosys R-POS Restaurant Software Key Features
  • Android Application
  • Live Billing
  • KOT
  • Table Merging
  • Table Splitting
  • Accounts
  • Inventory
  • Table and Seat Management
  • HR
  • Pay Roll
  • Restaurant POS
Smart Billing
Polosys R-POS lets your staff take orders using any device like mobile, tablet, desktop computer or POS devices. Split bills evenly or by item.
Table Management
The biggest hassle of the restaurant business is keeping track of the tables. To save you from this, Polosys R-POS simplifies the task by representing the tables, takeaways and delivery.
Delivery Management
All good restaurants offer home delivery. When Polosys R-POS manages delivery information for you, your restaurant will be able to do a perfect job at it.
Kitchen Display System
Cut the table-kitchen-table chaos with a robust Kitchen Display System and reduce your order processing time.
Inventory Management
Manage recipes, stock, consumption and purchasing. Reduce waste by knowing what’s likely to go waste, especially your high value ingredients.
Order Management System
Whether it is in-house dining or a takeaway or the home delivery, your orders will be managed with ease. Work your way, by creating and using your own workflow pattern.