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Become a Polosys partner and help companies turn interactions into lasting relationships. Our products will help your customers improve how they communicate and enable them to make sense of massive amounts of data.We offer a flexible and rewa
As a Polosys Partner, you will connect to a new set of opportunities, take advantage of resources that will help you build your expertise, and grow your business.
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We offer a flexible and rewarding partner program framework that provides opportunities to refer, resell, implement Polosys ERP Solution. Choose the program that is right for your business and is consistent with your desired level of investment.


Sales Partner

Solution Partner

Partner`s Revenue up to 25 to 50%
Referral fee
Polosys Partner Connect
Use Polosys marks, logos, and URLs
Sales training
Product training
Partner manager
Lead distribution
Apply online/Direct
Sign agreement
Actively promote Polosys Products
Joint business planning
Manage end customer billing
Provide level 1 customer support
Service and support enablement
Partner sales training
Partner product training
Named partner manager
Advance Software Purchase
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