Polosys Live
Monitor Your Reputation on the go!
Analyze your business data at your finger tips!
Polosys Live is a web applcation designed to make it easier for business owners to manage their reputation on the go. It is designed to be compatible with any devices.

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Polosys Live Software Key Features
  • Different period pickers (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly and Custom)
  • Day wise Sales summary Report
  • Product group wise report Sales report
  • Product Brand wise report Sales report
  • Product Category wise report Sales report
  • Section wise report Sales report
  • Sales man wise report Sales report
  • Conner wise report Sales report
  • Total Receivables Report
  • Total Payable Report
  • Expenses Report
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Bank flow Statement
  • Cheque Payable Report
  • Cheque Receivable Report
  • Half Donut chart of sales with period picker and previous period Sales report
  • Income and expenses comparison Bar chart
  • Line Chart of sales with Months in X axis and values in Y axis
  • Total current and overdue receivables with ageing breakups for total overdue receivable amount.
  • Total current and overdue payables with ageing breakups for total overdue payable amount.
  • Bank & Cash flow line Chart with Months in X axis and values in Y axis
  • Vertical Bar Graph comparison for cheque Receivable and cheque payable
  • Payment and Deposit comparison line chart
  • Department wise sales Donut chart
  • Expenses pie chart
Both Computer & Mobile/TAB Interface
Accessible from any devices.Compatible with both mobile and computer browsers.
Graphical Reports
Generate unique and simple graphical reports.
Easy Process
Eliminates unwanted time consumption. Easy access to almost every reports.
Sales Monitoring
Easily know the growth of your organization at your finger tips.
Polosys ERP / Easybiz Integration
Integrate Polosys Owners application with our Polosys ERP or Easybiz Application.
Instant Reports
Monitor all reports Instantly on the go.. Whether it be an Expense, Income, Outstanding, cash Flow or Bank Flow.